5-minutes with baby sleep expert Amelia Lamont - 4moms® mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet

5-minutes with baby sleep expert Amelia Lamont - 4moms® mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet

by Santiago Gonzalez on Sep 28, 2021

After selling out the first shipment of the 4moms® mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet within two weeks (and before stock had even hit Australian shores) we could see there was going to be HUGE demand for this innovative smart bassinet.  

Parents from across Australia have embraced the mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet and love being able to free up their hands and soothe and comfort their babies in the bassinet with its natural bounce and sway motions.

We caught up with Amelia Lamont, Midwife, Mum and co-founder of Baby Sleep School, to hear her thoughts on the release of the mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet into the Australian market. Amelia is a baby sleep expert and we were absolutely delighted to catch up with her to discuss this exciting product release.

Q. How is the mamaRoo sleep™ bassinet helping Australian families?

A. It is so important for new parents to grab every moment they can to rest and recover following a birth and the sleep bassinet allows parents to free up their hands and save time each day settling their babies. Many families are currently juggling working-from-home and homeschooling - add a new baby to the mix and it can be an incredibly stressful time. The sleep bassinet is helping time-poor and exhausted parents save some precious hours in the day to rest.


Q. Apparently, parents of newborns lose more than 6 weeks of sleep in the first 12 months, how does the Sleep bassinet assist with this?

A. The sleep bassinet implements a rocking motion essentially replacing the parents arms. Rocking is an excellent settling technique that most babies settle almost instantly too.

Q. Many parents ask if they still need to wake their newborn baby for feeds when they are sleeping in the Sleep Bassinet and we strongly encourage this. What is your recommendation on timings and if so what frequency?

A. For a newborn baby I would not exceed the 3-4 hour mark, particularly if you have a baby that isn't gaining weight appropriately or that of a premature baby. Once a baby surpasses their birth weight you can move closer to the 4 hour + mark overnight. This is also reasonable for a breastfeeding mother who is is trying to establish her supply.

Q. How long would you recommend that a baby sleeps in the sleep bassinet for?

A. We recommend transitioning bub out of the bassinet once they are rolling or if their head reaches the top of the bassinet prior to rolling.

Q. Safe sleep is obviously the number one concern for all families, we would love to hear your thoughts on the fact that babies are not strapped into the sleep bassinet. Why is this the safest way for babies to sleep?

A. I believe we should all be following the up-to-date Red Nose guidelines which state:

  • Safe Cot (meet current Australian Standards)
  • Safe Mattress (firm, clean, flat, correct size for cot)
  • Safe bedding (Sleep baby at end of cot if using a blanket. The Blanket must be tucked in firmly at the bottom of cot with baby's head above blanket).
  • NO items in cot/bassinet - no comforters, pillows or toys, etc.

Q. How would you recommend babies are placed to sleep in the sleep bassinet?

A. Until a baby is 4 months old or actively rolling we strongly recommend swaddling your baby in the bassinet. Swaddling your baby can reduce the startle reflex which startles and wakes your baby, disrupting a deep, restorative sleep. In saying this it is important to acknowledge that when swaddling your baby you need to ensure they have free movement of their hips to avoid any hip issues in the future. 

Once your baby is rolling it is imperative you transition them to a sleeping bag immediately to avoid any safe sleep issues, such as SIDS.

Q. The sleep bassinet mattress is really firm and many parents ask us if this will be uncomfortable for babies?

A. No, this is absolutely how every mattress should be. Firm. A soft mattress is a SIDS risk.

Q. Would you recommend the sleep bassinet for naps and overnight? Or just at night-time?

A. I strongly recommend using for both day and night sleeps. This is a positive sleep association and being consistent won’t cause any confusion with your baby’s sleep.

Q. Lastly, any tips or recommendations for using the sleep bassinet?

A. It is a great to have this product available for peace of mind for parents. Instead of always needing to rock in arms and be that support you can utilise the sleep bassinet as an additional aid.

The perfect side to place the bassinet is next to mum’s side of the bed with visible breathable mesh.

Swaddling according to SIDS guidelines along with the White noise function. The mamaRoo sleep works with a mobile app and timer for your baby’s sleep journey. The bassinet features five movement patterns (car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave) and you can find which one suits your baby the most appropriately.


Thank you so much Amelia for your time today!

You can follow Amelia on Instagram at www.instagram.com/themidwifemumma and www.instagram.com/sleep_school.  To find out more about Baby Sleep School's  sleep guidelines visit www.sleepschool.co.

The mamaRoo sleep® bassinet is now available to order at 4moms.



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