How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Without Being Held

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Without Being Held

by TABC Marketing on Apr 03, 2024

Ever heard the phrase "sleep like a baby" and pictured a cherub snoozing peacefully in their crib? Well, for many Aussie parents dealing with a little one who insists on being cradled, that serene image is a far cry from reality.

Sure, it's natural for babies to want cuddles, but for sleep-deprived parents with a little one on their hands, it's a genuine challenge. Online forums are buzzing with desperate parents seeking solutions to the age-old problem of getting their baby to sleep without the human cuddle factor.

In this read, we dive into the science of baby sleep, decipher why some bubs only doze off in your arms and explore the wonders of sleep training as the antidote to the perpetual cuddle nap.

Cracking the Code of Baby Sleep

Transitioning from the cozy womb to the outside world is a bit of a shock for your little one. In utero, it's all warmth, constant motion, and the soothing sounds of mum's body. Once born, it's a whole new ball game with a barrage of stimuli. Understanding this is key because if your bub insists on being held to snooze, it's just their way of seeking the comfort they got used to in the womb.

Enter the MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet – a game-changer crafted with baby sleep science in mind. With five motions, five speeds, and four white noise sounds, it mimics the womb vibes, helping your bub ease into a deep and restful sleep.


Safety First, Snooze Second

*Back to sleep on a flat, firm mattress.

*No napping in gear designed for sitting, like car seats or swings.

*Share the room (not the bed) with your bub for at least the first six months.

*Keep the crib or bassinet clutter-free – no bumpers, blankets, or stuffed pals.

The MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet ticks all the safety boxes – firm mattress, mesh sides for breathability, and adjustable legs for the perfect bedside fit.

Coaxing Your Bub into Solo Snoozes

Babies don't come with a manual on falling asleep solo. If you're in the trenches figuring out how to break the cuddle habit, these tips are your secret weapons:


  1. Establish a cozy bedtime routine – bath, massage, lullabies, and a short bedtime chat.
  2. Learn to read baby’s sleep cues and put them down drowsy but awake.
  3. Craft a calming sleep space – comfy temps, dim lights, and white noise. The MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet has got you covered with soothing sounds.

Patience is key – be consistent as baby learns to doze off independently.

Navigating the Sleep Development Highway

Newborns operate on a unique sleep timetable. As baby grows, sleep patterns become more predictable:

  1. Initial fragmented sleep patterns.
  2. Around 3 months – melatonin production kicks in, bringing order to sleep chaos.
  3. Object permanence at 4 months – baby starts realizing you exist even when not visible, leading to separation anxiety.


Picking a Sleep Training Path

When it's time to teach bub the ropes of independent snoozing, options like Ferberizing or the chair method pop up. Explore, consult your pediatrician, and choose what sits well with you.


Professional Nudge

Before embarking on sleep training, have a chat with baby’s paediatrician to ensure they're good to go physically and developmentally.


Tackling Hiccups in the Sleep Journey

Sometimes, just when you think you've nailed the sleep routine, a regression hits. Deep breaths and extra cuddles help you navigate these temporary disruptions. Keeping bub in your room, as the CDC suggests, eases the nighttime hiccups.


When to Call in the Pros

While sleep should eventually come naturally, some signs warrant a chat with the paediatrician:


  1. Excessive fussiness or crying.
  2. Disrupted sleep patterns.
  3. Loud or disruptive snoring.
  4. Excessive daytime sleepiness.
  5. Extreme distress related to sleep.
  6. Persistent nighttime bedwetting past age 7.


Sleeping should be easy, and with some patience, persistence, and the right gear like the MamaRoo Sleep® Bassinet, your bub will soon be rocking the sleep game – minus the human cuddle dependency. Sweet dreams!

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